What is the embroidery process?

Embroidery is the process of turning your graphic design into a needle and thread art for application to the fabric. These designs can be simple, single color or multi-color intricate pieces of art. Of all of the methods of fabric embellishment,  embroidery is generally considered to add sophistication to any work or club apparel.

What do you mean I have to digitize my design?

Custom embroidery is primarily an automated process that converts a digital image into data which guides the operation of the embroidery machine. For this to happen, the first step is to digitize the image to be converted into stitch data which the embroidery machine can understand. Once digitized this is sent to the embroidery machine for production.

Will I get to see what my design looks like?

A test sample is stitched out using the selected design, the required thread and onto the fabric which closely matches the finished article of clothing. When we are happy that the digitized design is correct and the correct threads have been selected then we start the embroidery onto the finished garments. 


Our aim is to help our clients to “make their mark with quality apparel and custom embroidery”.