At MGE Custom Prints we use either Screen Printing or DTG (Direct to garment) process when printing on your garments. In order to help you decide which process works best for you we have broken down the differences between both.


Screen printing has been around for ages. It’s the tried and true method of industry veterans, while DTG (direct-to-garment) printing is the up-and-coming process of printing garments with low minimums and a higher range of colors.

The process of screen printing is widely considered the most popular method of printing, because it’s a very cost effective method for printing large batches of apparel, especially if the output of the printed design is the same color. When screen printing, a special screen must be made for each color in the design, which is why there is a higher minimum than the DTG process for this method to be financially feasible.


  • Cost effective for large batches
  • The more product ordered, the cheaper they cost per item
  • Ideal choice for simple designs with less colors


  • Simple designs and shapes are all that can be printed
  • Limited number of colors and less cost effective the more colors used
  • Large upfront monetary investment
  • One design per batch


For the DTG printing process Instead of using screens to apply the ink to the garment, we print the ink directly onto the fabric using an inkjet printer. This method is able to take very intricate, detailed designs and a great multitude of colors and apply them with relative ease. However, because of the time required to print each design, this method is not as cost effective for larger batches, but instead is more economical for smaller batches.


  • Better option for small batches and one-off pieces
  • Able to print detailed designs
  • Extensive color options
  • Easily customized designs


  • Not cost effective for larger batches
  • Limited design placement

Things To Think About When Choosing Between DTG & Screen Printing

  • Are there fine details and/or many colors in your design? 
  • Is  it a simple design with only a few colors?
  • What is the size of the order – is it quite large or rather small?

Also, keep in mind print times. The DTG printing process is much slower compared to screen printing. DTG is machine dependent and averages just 30 – 60 garments per hour, while screen printing can average 1,000 garments and upwards per hour.

When making a decision about which process to use for your order, use our pros and cons list to make an informed decision.